Thursday, January 3, 2019

Christmas in MN!

Our first Christmas in Minnesota in 6 years! 13 days, 40 car hours, and three kids... it was an adventure! Here are the highlights...

He's getting so big and giggly!

Our family Christmas before we left

Grandpa, Finley and the Minon fart-blaster

Gingerbread House Contest 2018

Anthony and Allison's: Noah's Ark (and it was the winner!)

Finley's house she did all by herself!

 The contestants 

Happy Birthday Mommy and Finley

Christmas Morning

Christmas Day at Grandma Janet's House

The Grandkids

Anthony and Owen got to leave their "mark" on Grandma Connie's Wall of Grandchildren


 The retrieval crew

Mom and Dad's new plane!

Science Museum of MN

Annual tradition - Peanut Butter Balls!

A visit with the Nelsons!

Welcome back Montana. We had a great time in Minnesota - thanks everyone for all the memories and gifts. We are blessed! 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Visit from Allison's Family

We had a great time showing off our new addition to Allison's parents and sister. Thanks for visiting!

 Creston Fish Hatchery

Gunny Sack Racing

Glacier National Park

Thanks for inviting us into the station to see the firetrucks, Kalispell Firefighters! Although you couldn't hear it, Leeland said "I love you" as the firetruck garage door shut. : )