Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lake Horsetooth

We found a lake in Colorado! Lake Horsetooth is in Fort Collins, and such a nice lake. Doesn't quite have the beaches like MN, but we'll take it! It's only 2 hours away and not way back into the mountains. We took a day trip to downtown Fort Collins and had a great time eating new food (Afghanistan food - surprisingly very good!), walking the quaint town and spending the afternoon at the beach.

Here's some pictures!

The water looks dirty, but it's actually crystal clear! Near the shore, the red dirt gets churned up.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Finley - 6 Months

Half a year already! This is Finley at 6 months:

  • 15.5 lbs and 26.5 inches
  • Eating solids (Banana, sweet potato, carrots, green beans and cereal)
  • Can stand by herself
  • Can almost sit up by herself
  • Rolls over, back and forth and back... all day long!
  • Tries so hard to crawl, but really just flaps her arms and legs around like a fish out of water :) 
  • Two teeth

Not so sure about green beans :)

Friends from MN

Mara and Christian, Allison's friends from Bethel, came to visit. We had a great time rock climbing at Garden of the Gods and meeting their new little one, Elijah!

Fourth of July: Will Family Visit

This past weekend, Allison's family came to visit. It was a full house! With only one spare bedroom, the basement was full of air mattresses. But, we had a great time! Did a lot of hiking (Painted Mines Canyon and Palmer Lake), grilling, swimming, fireworks, shopping, and playing games. They bought Finley a pool, which is her new favorite thing. She didn't even mind the cold water. She'll be a little swimmer, just like Dad :)

Learning how to put our face in the water...

oops, don't drink the pool Finley!