Thursday, May 30, 2013

New pressure regulator

Today we fixed the pressure regulator! It's been a crazy process trying to find it. Lowes, Home Depot, and Amazon were completely sold out for 2 weeks! But it works great and the pink plumbers tape is a nice touch : )

Yesterday's project was finishing up the mirror in the bathroom. Thanks to Pinterest for the mason jar toothbrush holder idea.

We Went home to MN this past week and had a great time seeing all the family. Spent a couple days in Waseca seeing family and hitting the lake and a couple days in St. Cloud, being with Anthony's family and being apart of Brent and Rachel Schoepf's wedding!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Allison's Visit to my work : )

Allison came to visit me at work, and I had some fun surprises lined up for her. The pictures tell the tale.

 She got a close encounter with Kasai and Zambizi, two of our female hippos at the zoo. We were giving them apples, oranges, and the grand finally of the whole cabbage.

 Then we went to meet Sprocket, Mogley, Colorado, Fudge, Tasselhoff, Murphy, Joe, Decker, Sobe, and Sally, our ten Rockhopper Penguins. Then are super cute, and Allison helped me with their second feeding for the day.

 Colorado and Fudge like the camera.
Joe really liked the camera.

 This is Ramani, the Sarus Crane. She is big and scary, but really a sweet heart. For some reason I couldn't get a pictures of Allison and her together, could be the massive wings and scary long beak.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Snow in May

Well our projects have come to a bit of a halt with the blizzard like weather outside. Good thing we didn't plant flowers yet! To give me some hope, Anthony brought home some spring flowers today : )
We also finished the garage this past weekend and it looks so much better. More pictures to come of the work bench that Anthony is building.