Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Fun!


Allison and I went camping a few weekends ago, and had a really great time! It was Allison's first real camping experience, and she really enjoyed it : ) We are already trying to plan the next one! We basically just found a National Forest and drove back in on a trail until we found a little plot of land to set up camp (you can camp in National Forests for free). Here are some pics!

Allison also wanted me to add this picture of our delicious dinner tonight. She made Grandma Janet's famous ham chowder soup, and it was great! Thanks Grandma for the recipe!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Visit from Family : )

Hey Everybody!

Last weekend we were blessed with a visit from Allison's family for a few days, and we went on some pretty awesome adventures! While I was working they went to the Air Force Academy as well as the Focus on the Family headquarters. Then we did some hiking, went to some fun restaurants, and drove to the top of Pikes Peak! It was pretty awesome, and a little scary on narrow roads. It was a great time, and hopefully you enjoy the pics : )