Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Beginnings of a Nursery

We have started preparing for Blueberry! Her nursery is almost done, just need to finish the curtains and decorate the walls. Anthony built me a shelving unit in the closet and I've been busy sewing. Here is the work in progress:

32 Weeks: Maternity Photo Shoot

I am now 32 weeks! Almost there, and it's starting to feel like it. She weighs around 4 pounds and it definitely shows in my stomach! Anthony and I drove to Boulder this past weekend and took maternity photos with all the fall colors. Enjoy :)


We Built a Shed!

Anthony (with a few helpers) built an 8" x 12" shed in our backyard-from SCRATCH! Here are the pictures...

Thanks for helping us start the project, Mom and Dad!

The frame

 The final project! Next year, we'll landscape around the shed.

 Storage for Anthony's wood!