Sunday, January 27, 2013

Denver Aquarium

Last weekend we went up to Denver for the day, did some shopping, had lunch with Tom and Patsy, and went to the Denver Aquarium! It was very cool to see a lot of the fish that we just saw in Turks and Caicos, but in a tank. They also had mermaids, which was a little frightening. Look at some pictures!

 Krispy Kreme is becoming a Denver tradition, and I'm ok with that.

 Really huge awesome mall, really bright sun.
 little better.

 red eyes, creepy fake orangutan.

 who knew aquariums have tigers?

 a really big puffer fish who did not want to pose for the camera.
 one of my personal favorites at the aquarium. we watched this guy dig a whole with his mouth for a long time, eventually he will crawl into it backwards and you would only see the tip of his nose.

 Allison's favorite part, a mock lagoon.

 I call this one the alien fish.

 really really really big alligator snapping turtle.

Today it was 60 and sunny here in Colorado Springs, we went to church, went grocery shopping, cleaned the house, and went for a nice walk/run in our backyard. Now we are going to watch "Fantastic Mr. Fox," which is one of my favorites. We also just signed up to win a free pizza from Papa Johns! Just vote on heads/tails for the superbowl coin toss, if you win the send you a coupon for a free pizza! We did it last year too! I guessed heads and Allison guessed tails, we are guaranteed to win at least 1! Do it, it's free.

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