Monday, June 17, 2013

New things

Couple of new things in the Nelson home. With Anthony working on the weekends, I've been spending the weekends working on home projects and sewing. This weekend it was landscaping and repurposing clothes! The garden is in and the first bean sprouted up tonight! Also found some good deals on plants and flowers and potted them in front of our home.

The other half of the weekend I spent searching thrift stores for XXL clothes to repurpose the fabric. Here is my first of many projects : ) A maxi dress.

Anthony and I also replaced the garbage disposal this weekend! Yay no more rotting smells coming from the sink.


  1. That dress is SOOO darn cute! I can't believe you made that from XXL clothes :) And your sweet lil garden and flowers... you are just amazing, girlie :)