Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Will Visit... Continued

Here are the rest of the pics from the the Will family visit. Thanks Mom and Dad, we had a blast!

 First thing- tour of the new house! Finally got to show our family our new dining table :) 

 Chicken tacos, avocados and corn salsa... yum.
 Happy Father's Day! I made dad a blueberry pie, from scratch! My first one ever and it turned out great! 
 Watching movies.

 Hiking at McCullough Gulch near Breckenridge. Such a great hike! Full of wildflowers and waterfalls.

 Subway for lunch near the waterfall.

 After hiking and shopping in Breckenridge, we headed to Dillon where we stayed for the night. The marina was right next to our hotel so we took a walk around the lake settled in the mountains- beautiful. 

 A Colorado favorite- mountain pie pizza :) 
White Water Rafting in Idaho Springs! It was a blast. The only person that fell out was our guide! We got to go over lots of waves and even 'surfed' our raft in a couple of them.

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