Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nelson Home Update

Hi all,
It's been a while since we've posted. We've been keeping busy with our bible study friends, family visits, work around the house and our jobs. Anthony has been doing a lot of wood work lately, check out these neat doors that he made for his workbench! He also made us a wood desk for downstairs. He's quite the handy man! 

I harvested our first vegetables from the garden and everything is doing so well! Our tomato plant is growing out of control, it seems that adding cow and sheep compost to our soil did the trick. 

This past week we had a crazy hail storm. There were 50 mph winds and nickel size hail. Lucky we made it through with only a few minor repairs. Like our fancy new back door on our garage!, so that the water doesn't flood our garage. Lots of people had flooding in their basements and many decks were ruined. I've spent a good chuck on time this weekend cleaning up all the leaves from the storm- a whole garbage full of debris! But luckily our house made it through the storm, so glad that ours is watertight. This storm was definitely a true test. 

Anthony's parents visited us and we celebrated Pam's birthday at On the Border. Came home and had these delicious cheesecake bites : ) It was good to see them!

Also, Cam and Kellie came to see us (Anthony's aunt and cousin). We had a good time with them. They came over for supper and we gave them the tour of Garden of the Gods. Thanks for coming to see us and for the great Thiselberry presents : ) 

That's about it around here. We are going camping again soon, so I'm sure we will have lots of pictures to share.

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