Saturday, October 12, 2013

Another visit to the zoo.

 Hello again all,

We went back up to the zoo this morning and I showed Allison around a little bit more. She got to meet some of my friends up there, human and not so human. Here are some pictures, enjoy!

 Feeding Djembe the Critically Endangered Eastern Black Rhino

 Duncan and Ginger the North American Beavers
 This is Ellen, my chicken. I am training her to ring a bell in the next pic.

 Mountain Tapir, only 9 in captivity anywhere in the world. We are trying to breed our two.

 When these little guys grow up they will be house fly hunters. 
 Feeding a vulture!
 Cutest and smartest Red River Hogs on the planet. 
 Getting personal with the giraffe.

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