Saturday, May 16, 2015

Trip to MN - Caitlyn's Fashion Show

We recently went back to MN to see family and my sister's fashion show at Stout. She did AMAZING work and it was so fun to watch. The weather was nice, so we were able to get out on the boat, despite the water only being 59 degrees. Finley did great on the plane, slept the whole time! Of course we saw lots of family, and it was great to be back again.

4 generations: Finley, me, Mom and Grandma

 Finley sleeping in my old crib!

 You can't tell, but she is screaming. She hated the lifejacket!

Caitlyn's fashion show
Check out her work at:

Kevin, my brother and one of the models and Kate - to be sister-in-law!

 Brunch with the Will side, Ian and Finley playing
Cousin Cole

Cousin Ian

Aunt Tracy and Finley

The Abraham side

 Greta and Finley playing

 Grandma and Grandpa Abraham

Grandma Janet

Grandma and Grandpa Will



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