Monday, February 20, 2017

Sibling Photoshoot

 A little late, but here's their 6 month and 2 years pictures!

FINLEY at 2 years: Very independent and becoming a great little helper. Forming sentences and trying lots of new words. Loves stickers, balloons ("junes") and dancing. Eats everything and anything but loves honey (on everything), cereal ("ceri"), cheese, beans, pie and fig bars. Constantly singing or talking and saying "this one", "thank you mommy/daddy" (even when it doesn't make sense!), "baby eat" and "come play with me". What's her favorite animal? The whole zoo - she's a zookeeper's daughter!


LEELAND at 6 months: Starting to crawl (backwards) and do "push-ups". Loves to sit on the floor by himself and play with Little People figurines or anything that lights up. A very happy baby and loves his food! Eats just about anything - except peas and green beans. Starting to talk more and make new sounds. Loves to play with (eat) his socks and squeezes his hands together when he's super excited or very frustrated. He now sleeps in the same room as his sister and she helps calm his crying, saying "o-tay baby" when he wakes.

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