Friday, June 22, 2018

The Little Mermaid

This past week, Finley and I went on a mommy-daughter date! We got our fancy dresses on and saw The Little Mermaid at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse Theater. She LOVED it! She was so excited, she stopped everyone on the way in to tell them that she was going to a play. She was pretty cute - every couple of minutes leaning over to say "this is a good one, mommy". I think she'll follow daddy's footsteps and do theater when she gets older!

First time curling her hair!

Cheese! (We're not used to mosquitoes yet! :P Can't stop picking her itches.)

"My dress matches the flowers!"

"1, 2, 3...blast-off!!"

Telling Baby that she was going to a play 

Other randoms...

Harvest donuts...the best!

Bigfork Kayak races 

Echo Lake


 We love the library!

 Happy Father's Day! Celebrating with donuts at Harvest. Finley made some "guys" for daddy.

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  1. Love these!!! The photos of Allison and Fin, where she's talking to the baby!... BEAUTIFUL!!! WE MISS YOU GUYS!!! -Carrie