Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The first 14er and fellow Minnesotans : )

There are those moments in life that you know that you will never forget, this is one of them for both of us. We had the pleasure of spending a few days with our good friends Sam and Elissa from Minnesota (you may recognize Elissa from wedding pics). Sam is originally from Boulder, CO, so we met up with him and his family on Saturday night, camped out, got up at 5:00am, and started the climb. Sam's dad Chris came with us, which was really great because their family has been doing missionary work in China for the past ten years. Needless to say, there were some great stories.

We hiked Mount Huron, elevation 14, 003 feet. Or as people here call them, a 14er. The climb up was intense to say the least, but we made it to the top and the payoff was definitely worth the work. We saw some cool animals along the way, and a lot of beautiful scenery. Enjoy the pics...

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  1. I am enjoying following your adventure!! If you make it Westcliffe, be sure to post lots of pictures. :) Eric and Todd hiked up to a high mountain lake off of the Rainbow Trail in the Sangre's and caught some really good fish.

    Take care,