Sunday, October 21, 2012

a ski lift in the summer, a fancy car, and a shrine.

Hey Everybody,

We have been getting behind on our blogging, so here you go!

There are some really cool "Cave Dwellings" up the mountain a little ways from us that we had a coupon for, so naturally we had to go. We learned a lot about native culture : )

A few weekends ago the boss at work wanted me to take home one of my loaner vehicles, a nice 2012 535xi with all the bells and whistles. Naturally I didn't complain, and we put a few miles on it : )

 There is a cool ski lift at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo which we have never ridden before, and of course there is a first time for everything. Beautiful scenery and a nice relaxing ride up the mountain.

We also drove our nice vehicle up the mountain a ways to the Will Rogers Shrine. Mr. Penrose, the same guy who built the Broadmoor and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, also built this shrine in honor of Will Rogers after his fatal plane crash in Alaska.

Lots of great adventures, but there is more to come! Stay tuned : )

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