Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Halfiversary Celebration!

This last weekend we celebrate our 6 month anniversary of being married, otherwise known as a halfiversary. I found a good deal on a little Inn up in Aspen, so we headed there for the weekend. On the way we had the pleasure of driving through Breckenridge and Vail. Check out these pics of some of the coolest places in Colorado! We left at about 6 am, so we got to see some of the sunrise.



 We took a ride on a gondola up the mountain!

 Cool building/restaurant on top of the mountain for skiers.

 Reminded me of Grandma Barb : )

 Snowboarding/Skiing museum.
 The women's world championship "Winternational" skiing competition was held in Aspen over the weekend, so there was a lot of cool free events and activities!

 The courtyard at the Annabelle Inn : )

 They shot fireworks off in the mountain at night, we sat and watched them from the hot tub in the bottom corner of this picture.

 Free concert! We didn't go. It was a band we didn't know. But still cool.

 Allison was very excited to see a moose crossing sign : )

That's all for now!

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