Sunday, June 17, 2012

Date Day!

Well, we decided that with all of the stress of traveling, moving, house hunting, job hunting, and the general stress of being somewhere new, we needed a date day. So today we decided to drive to New Life Church in Colorado Springs for the 9am service, and we happened to run into none other than my old youth pastor in St. Cloud, Josh Mabe and his wife, Jennicca. This was such a blessing, because not only did we feel like we had no friends, but they also introduced us to several of their friends! Good day at church, Allison and I are very excited to get to know them all more.

We then decided to go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, which is where I am trying to get into for employment. But today we were just there to enjoy it. A beautiful day in the mountains, a warm 92 degrees. Here are some pictures....

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is famous for their giraffe exhibit, very close and personal experience!


There is a cool building at the zoo where there are hundreds of beautiful parakeets, finches, and parrots flying around and you can buy little sticks with seeds on the end to feed them. We both got to try when another family didn't want two of their sticks and gave them to us, score!

Great date day at the zoo! Can't wait to spend a lot more time there. We are now members, so we can go whenever we want : ) and we will. Until next time, Anthony and Allison Nelson.

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